I'd like to introduce myself... Gosh, what do I say... My name is Jodi Lynn. I'm from a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada where it's winter like, 8 months out of the year! I live here cause it's where I was born and raised and all of my family is here. And family is where it's at. Nothing is more important to me than my kids growing up with their grandparents and cousins.

I grew up on a farm around animals and big vegetable gardens. I spent hours mowing the grass and keeping up with landscaping. I loved perennials. My mom never had plants in the house, she didn't have much of a green thumb. My grandma, on the other hand, always had fresh clippings in vases and huge Christmas cactus' filled her living room windows. I suppose she is the one who started cultivating in me an enjoyment for plants and flowers.

Skip by 15 years of marriage and raising my two children and now I have time, mentally, to build on my passion for seeing things grow because of my efforts. Maybe that's a big part of why I love plants. I'm a maker. I love stepping back and looking and what I've done with my hands, seeing the fruit of my efforts, so to speak. It's also really good for me, mentally, to have an indoor garden that I can enjoy during those 8 months of winter 😜

I hope to inspire you to add some plants and pot stands to your life. Not just for the sake of it but to actually breathe and enjoy the journey. Getting your hands in dirt and connecting to nature is good for you! 🌿❤️

I'd love to hear about you and your journey, your love of plants and creating beautiful spaces over at Instagram (@itsjodilynn